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Sku: 4302280

The CO2 gives the water delicious, bubbling bubbles and is easily replaced by connecting the manometer. Contains 800g of CO2 net, which is expected to yield between 60-70 liters of sparkling water.

Sku: 4302657

For use in cleaning the Scanomat machines.

Sku: 4302831

Liquid descaler for milk systems in TopBrewer and Venice.

Sku: 4302830

Liquid milk fat remover for milk systems in TopBrewer and Venezia as well as the chocolate system.

Sku: 4302301
Sku: 4302349

5 small brushes for cleaning

Sku: 4302339

TopBrewer "Yellow Tab" Cleaning tablets make sure that your machine gets a thorough cleaning which removes all remains of coffee oils, lime and scale as well as depositions in general. Used to clean inside the brewing chamber itself. 

The tablets can be used on all Scanomat bean-to-cup machines like TopBrewer and Venezia.